Knowledge is none but thy gate to happiness – By Mehdi Shah

Thy must remember thee knowledge given make double for which satisfies the soul whence shared upon others.

Only then with knowledge may you taste the love that thee creator has unto ye.

Knowledge may you have since knowledge thee needs, learn from cradle till grave where you may awaken your soul into thy state of subconsciousness.

Knowledge be thy gate unto knowing thee creator.

Know this, that knowing ye creator is eternal in happiness and none manufactured happiness match such a joy.

The creator created only to be known.

Know thy creator like thyself and only then should man truly be blessed.

Blessing in eternal form given only by he who thee calls a hundred names just to describe him and only such a bliss may be attained by that of which may stay with ye even after thee finds the garden of bliss adding to an eternal happiness to make infinite.

By Mehdi Shah