This article is in suppovrt to BLM organisations, and actually it will tell those who have thought that the African continent had never had their own glory. However, in Africa, there were empires which thrived with wealth and power that even the West looked up to them in awe. Here is a brief factfile of my top 3 Muslim African empires:

The Mali Empire-

This great empire was founded in 1230 CE to 1670 CE by Mansa Sundiata Keita. Mali Empire reached its highest peak in the rule of the infamous Mansa Musa who is another amazing ruler, but we’ll make a separate article on him. The Mali empire had a well-trained army which expanded its territory a lot. It included present-day Mali, Niger, Senegal, Mauritania, Guinea and The Gambia. The 2 main languages were Malinké and Mandinka. In terms of its Muslim scholars and scientists, it didn’t really consist of that many however it was the homeland of the adventurous explorer, Ibn Battuta. The Mali empire was abolished with the last mansa, Mansa Mahmud Keita the 4th.

The Songhai Empire-

This empire was the largest Muslim West African empire of all time and was founded in 1464 to 1591 CE by Emperor Sunni Ali. The Songhai Empire reached its peak under Askia the Great. In terms of the territory, it inherited most of its land from its predecessors which are the Gao and Mali empire and similarly with the army. Its territories included Mali, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Guinea, Nigeria, Niger and Mauritania. Its 2 main language were Songhai and Malinké. Other than what has been said, there is no other information on this empire. The Songhai Empire was abolished with the last emperor, Emperor Askia Ishaq the 2nd.

Almohad Caliphate-

This caliphate was founded in 1121 to 1269 CE by Muhammad Ibn Tumart. It reached its peak under Caliph Abu Ya’qub Yusuf the 1st after his conquest of Spain and Portugal and his destruction of the hostile Almoravid Dynasty. The Almohads were Berber people who had converted to Islam and included most of North Africa, Morocco, The Sahara, Portugal and Spain. Its 2 main languages were Arabic and Berber. In terms of its Muslim scholars, there is not that much information except the famous astronomer, Nur Al-Din Al- Bitruji. The Almohad Caliphate was abolished with the last caliph, Idris the 2nd.