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Who do you take as your friends?

Some people have friends because they benefit something from that person or that person is very popular so they want to be like them. Friendships can be formed by growing up in the same community, neighbourhood or school. Friendships can be based on common interests. However, are these friendships the correct type of friendship as […]

Lessons from Surah Al Duha

Often, in this temporary dunya, we frequently forget that this world, this life is simply a destination and not our home. Yet Allah mentions in the Qur’an, our criterion, what we should be like as Muslims. One surah, that we find teaches us lots of lessons is Surah Duha. Surah Al Duha was revealed at […]

A Malignant Tumour

Wretched wrath of hell can’t torture me, When this malignant tumour snatched my happiness, It slithered slyly into my soft skin, In a vicious attempt to force me powerless.   Good God, the pain was without doubt harsh, Slowly splitting, withering, pinning me down, My legs gave in, rebelling, failing me, Yet I still spoke, […]

Anti-Colonial fighters: Abdul Qadir Al Jaza’iri

Abdul Qadir Al Jaza’iri has a story quite similar to that of Omar Mukhtar. He was born in 1808 in Guenta, Algeria and grew up in his father, Muhieddin’s Islamic School. Abdul Qadir quickly excelled in his learning and by the age of 14, he memorised the Qur’an. His father Muhieddin Al Hasani was from […]

Anti-colonial fighters: Omar Mukhtar (PT 3)

So, what can be learnt from the life of Omar Mukhtar and how can we apply his life to ours? Firstly, although Omar Mukhtar as a victorious commander and pious, devoted Muslim managed to resist the Italian invaders for about 20 years, his successes didn’t secure the future of Libya, which soon fell into the […]

Anti-Colonial fighters: Omar Mukhtar (PT 2)

Although his military power became known throughout the world, his character had also reached the ears of every person. Omar’s personality and integrity impressed even his colonialist enemies as he stuck to the Islamic principles even though the worst war crimes and brutal occupation faced him and his people. In a spectacular case of true […]

Anti-Colonial fighters: Omar Mukhtar (PT 1)

Near the end of the Ottoman caliphate, the Muslims around the world were already suffering as the Western colonialists tore their lands apart. One of the military geniuses of this time, who tactically humiliated the Italian colonialists is Omar Mukhtar, also known as ‘The Lion of the Desert’ for courageousness and also his outstanding character. […]

Anti-Colonial fighters: Imam Shamil

Imam Shamil was born around 1797 is Gimry, Dagestan and died in 1871 in Madina tul Munawwarah. He is the famous lion of the Caucuses who delayed the Russian Conquest of the Caucuses for over 25 years. He is remembered as one of the great Muslim heroes of the 19th century who led an armed […]